Smart Power for Massive Industrial Savings with High Quality Energy

Industrial and prototype scale of quality thermal products including heating elements, furnaces, steam generators, plasma and process-heat generators. High power-density.

Power Panel High Power

皇家彩世界幸运飞艇pk10300+kw mhi power and temperature control panels

皇家彩世界幸运飞艇pk10256 kw airtorch™ with only 1 psig pressure drop at 1000c.

皇家彩世界幸运飞艇pk10smooth management of very high-power heating

front loading ltf furnaces in stock.  large span technology.

Plasma and Steam Solutions

The new wave surfaces for Cooking

MHI – Micropyretics Heaters International

A global leader in smart-power industrial device technologies.  Successfully navigating the global grand-challenges in energy-efficiency for all our customers.

皇家彩世界幸运飞艇pk10mhi – surpassed several industry sustainability goals, 15 years ahead of time. the main mhi products offer substantial water savings and energy efficiency.

MHI technologies service the innovation, commercial and industrial皇家彩世界幸运飞艇pk10 sectors to provide better returns on investment.

MHI strengths are in fabrication, manufacture, design, service and value-added efficient engineering products. Testimonials.

MHI invents new topographical and topological materials such as Quasi-R® nano-materials and composites.

Depositors and sintering-aid availability

皇家彩世界幸运飞艇pk10systems integration with the best materials/modern electronics and efficient thermal management.

Energy and Materials Trivia.  Sustainability with Simplicity.

MHI provides end-to-end visibility for rapid customer support.  Transparent low prices on the MHI web-store.

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MHI provides good sustainability solutions.  Green technologies.

Why MHI Products?